EYES CURE - Healing Treasure Jodsole

Iodine is a vital trace element. We need it for the formation of our thyroid hormones.
Despite the tremendous progress in microsurgery,
the most advanced medications and various forms of laser use on the eye,
some eye conditions can put doctors face massive treatment problems.
The blood circulation-promoting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect
of the element iodine can be particularly helpful here, in addition to other treatment methods.

Iodsole eye sprays:

Specialized equipment sprays dense iodine-brine mist against the eye, allowing the cornea and conjunctiva to absorb the constituents of the iodine brine.
We use the effect of the element of iodine in our
unique eye-treatment in two different administration forms:

You "bathe" your eyes in special bowls,
in which the iodine sol solution is charged by means of weak, galvanic current.
The iodine particles can also be effective in the depth of the eye -
this treatment promotes and activates the cell metabolism.

Dry eye - Bad Hall
Offer - eye combo package

Especially for the "dry eye" a combination treatment in addition to the eye iontophoresis is offered:

The eye is protected from the outside by a layer of fat,
which prevents it from drying out.
It is exposed to many different types of stress, such as dry air,
ozone, UV radiation, car exhaust, fine dust, smoking, etc.
In the case of lipid-eye spraying, this protective layer is again built up.

We offer in our hotel a "EYE-PACKAGE":
We will gladly send you documents.