Stift Kremsmünster, Schlierbach and St Florian

Benediktiner Stift Kremsmünster – Schloß Kremsegg

Kremsmünster Abbey was founded in 777 by Bavarian Duke Tassilo III. The place was raised to the market in 1489 by Emperor Frederick III.
The Benedictine monastery Kremsmünster belongs to the largest monastery complex
in Austria with its baroque buildings from the 17th and 18th century.
Here and there peeks out the late Romanesque core.
Spiritual center of the plant is the 78 meters long collegiate church.
Collegiate Church

Distance 8km
Driving time 10 minutes

Stift Kremsmünster

Cistercian monastery Schlierbach

A guided tour of the Schlierbach Abbey is a journey of discovery into a spiritual world,...
...whose power and fascination is alive to the present day.
What began half a millennium ago unfolds today in baroque splendor:
from the magnificent monastery church
to the collegiate library with its 12,000 valuable books.
Collegiate Church
Glass Workshop / Gallery
Cheese Dairy / "Schlierbacher Käse"
Enjoyment center

Distance 16km
Driving time 20 minutes

Stift Schlierbach

Augustinian choir manor St. Florian

Stift St. Florian is an Austrian baroque jewel
and a landmark for the entire region.
The origins of the monastery stem from the veneration of St. Florian.
It was first mentioned in writing in 819.
Since 1071 the Augustinian canons have been active here.

Marvel at the library with more than 150,000 volumes,
the Imperial Marble Hall, the Sebastian altar by Albrecht Altdorfer,
the tomb with the sarcophagus Anton Brucknes and listen
to the sounds of the "Bruckner organ" in the basilica.

„Anton Brucknerorgel“:
A listening experience from mid-May to mid-October:
every day except Tues. and Thurs. at 14.30 - 20-minute organ concert.

Distance 33km
Driving time 30 minutes

Stift St. Florian